Dear Jerry Knight and the members of Pop ‘n’ the Shop program.

I, Sheila Darnell, thank you all so very much for the vehicle I have received through your program. It has already brought so much joy and happiness to myself and my children! We cannot thank you all enough!! May the good Lord Bless all of you abundantly for all the hard work and long hours you put into fixing up our vehicle you have given us!! We appreciate everything you have done for us with the utmost gratitude! This is the greatest gift from God we have received in a long time! It is a true miracle! I am so very HAPPY! I have not owned a vehicle in over two years now, so this is a true blessing!
In between rides from my sister and the city bus and even walking, I did what I had to in order to make it to work every day and the store or doctor’s appointments in between taking care of my three wonderful children. I worked while they went to school and now that they are out of school, I have them enrolled in the Boy’s and Girl Club for the summer so I can keep my job to pay our bills and rent for our apartment! We were limited to certain things before as we were not able to get certain places always.
Now it is so wonderful and we have so many more options and can get places on time now! And we don’t have to depend on other people for rides or have to stay at home and miss out! I am so very happy!
Again, I want to thank you all so very, very much!
May the Good Lord Bless you all abundantly for your kindness and compassion for others!

A Dear friend always,

Sheila Darnell