Donations made to Pop in the Shop may be deductible! We are an 501(c) (3) Non-Profit Organization! We follow IRS rules concerning your donations. Your donations are used in several ways! Cars, we fix up and raffle them away as well as use them for parts or income by recycling them. Other items may be used in the ministry or sold for operating capitol! We can always use cash donations or monthly contributions for operating expenses! Please consider donating to this Ministry! 100% goes to the Ministry!

Automobiles donated to this ministry are used several ways.

  1. We fix up the classic car donations to raffle off for operating capitol!
  2. We strip parts off to use for projects.
  3. We recycle them for operating capitol!
  4. We use them to teach basic automotive repair skills that will last a life time.

We build the classic cars from the ground up to teach the fatherless young men automotive skills! Some may use this to find a job in the automotive industry! We help others stay out of trouble by keeping them off of the street, out of gangs, off of drugs, alcohol or other debilitating vices that statistics show they are bound for!

We can come pick up these donations!

Automotive Parts
If you have any automotive parts laying around that you aren’t using, consider donating these to our ministry! We can use them to repair or build cars! We can also sell some of the parts to provide money for the parts we need! Some suggestions are tires, engines, transmissions, rear axles, stereos, or pretty much anything automotive! Oil, filters, fan belts, wheels or other items help us too!

We do free oil changes several times a year for widows and single moms and can use parts for that as well.

Do consider donations of these items to allow us to help others in need!

We can come pick up these donations!

Finances donated to this ministry are very much needed!
You can donate several ways.

  1. Monthly Donor!
  2. Quarterly Donor!
  3. Annual Donor!
  4. One Time Donor!
  5. Non Cash Financial Gift!
    1. Life Insurance!
    2. Stocks!
    3. Other appreciated assets!

Please mail these donations to:
Pop in the Shop
Po Box 430
Mills, WY 82644