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1975 Pontiac Ventura!


Finished Project might look like this!

This is a 1975 Pontiac Ventura two door sedan project for the mentees and mentors! We are planning on a total rebuild of this car. It will have new tires and wheels, new paint, new interior, new windshield, new front suspension, new brakes, new exhaust, newly overhauled engine, transmission and rear end! It will have a blue tooth capable sound system as well! Keep coming back to check out...

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1970 Maverick Grabber

This 1970 Maverick Grabber was a project we finished in Sept of 2013! The kids had a blast working on this car! [gallery ids="2436,2435,2434,2433,2432,2431,2430,2429,2427,2426,2425,2424,2423,2422,2421,2420,2419,2418,2417,2416"]...
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Mentoring Project

Pop in the Shop has many young men ages 7-17 wanting to become involved in this ministry! All we need is some more men who would be willing to volunteer two days minimum a month and as many more as they can! It doesn't matter how much mechanical experience you have! They just want someone to spend some time with who will listen to them! Together we have a lot of talent to teach anyone automotive skills! Give it a try! Contact Jerry Knight to find out more about this...
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