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Welcome to Pop in the Shop,
Mentors for Casper Youth

Pop in the Shop is a ministry that works with fatherless young men ages 10-17 in our shop building classic cars from the ground up! We teach them all the basics of restoring classic cars while also teaching them ethics, morals and Godly principles!   ​

Some of these young men have scars from feeling rejected by their fathers. They feel hurt, confused, unloved, worthless and even like they are the reason their dad left! Many end up in jail, in gangs, on drugs, on alcohol, drop out of school or even commit suicide!

​Our Ministry helps them feel better about themselves and has the opportunity to pull them away from these statistics! We can teach them a hobby or vocation in he automotive field. We even offer scholarships!

​They are taught respect for others, forgiveness for others (including their father) and many other character building habits. They give back to the community by volunteering for community events! They learn about a Heavenly Father who loves them!